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The much-needed reprieve from the oppressive heat is brought on by the rains, but that doesn’t mean your issues are solved. Yes, the season offers a variety of issues, therefore in order to remain on top of things, you should prepare yourself with monsoon health advice.

Prioritize your health from the beginning so that you may enjoy the monsoon season without becoming sick. Use these simple strategies for your family as well as yourself.

1. Boost your consumption of vitamin C.

The monsoon season is ideal for the growth of germs and viruses. You’ll note that viral fevers, allergic responses, and other viral illnesses are common at this time of year. In a similar vein, there are more microorganisms in the air now than at any prior period. You must strengthen your immunity if you want to stay healthy. Increasing your vitamin C consumption is among the simplest methods to do this. For a diet high in vitamin C, consume oranges, fresh green vegetables, and sprouts. To give your health the boost it needs, you may incorporate Mamafeast Muesli and cornflakes in your diet.

2. Drink clean water

During the rainy season, we all tend to drink less water, but staying hydrated is essential for good health. Make sure you’re drinking clean, filtered water during the monsoons, whether you’re at home or on the go. If you consume beverages outside, make sure you use only pure water (including ice cubes). To be safe, it is suggested to have your bottle of water with you.

3. Avoid junk food

Avoiding street food, freshly cut fruit, and other food products of any type is strongly advised. The road frequently has mud and water-filled potholes. These are excellent incubators for a variety of dangerous germs. The likelihood that they may make the food items their home increases the longer it is left out in the open. So you are more likely to become sick anytime you consume your favorite junk food. By using Mamafeast Peanut Butter and Mamafeast Chocolate Spread in your smoothies or sandwiches, you may satisfy your appetite for junk food. These two items from the Mamafeast brand are not only delicious but also nutritious, so your hunger for junk food will be satisfied.

4. Increase probiotic intake

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that dwell in the digestive system and intestines and promote your overall health. Increase your consumption of probiotic foods such homemade pickles, milk, yoghurt, buttermilk. These can enhance nutrition absorption and dramatically increase the resilience of your gut health. Not only will you improve the health of your digestive system, but you’ll also fortify yourself against future stomach illnesses. If you want anything other than plain milk or yoghurt, you may make a tasty and nutritious bowl of food by combining Mamafeast Muesli or Mamafeast Cornflakes with your milk or yoghurt.

5. Get enough sleep

As crucial to health as nutrition and exercise is sleep. Your emotions, health, and cognitive function all improve with adequate sleep. Avoid staying up late to work or watch web series. Sleeping for 7-8 hours each night boosts immunity and lowers the likelihood of contracting the flu and other monsoon-related illnesses.

Exercise regularly

Don’t let the rain ruin your workout schedule. Indoor activities that are great include jumping rope, squats, planks, and burpees. Exercise is beneficial for your immunity in addition to helping you lose weight or stay in shape. It strengthens your immune system against viruses and germs by raising your heart rate, enhancing blood circulation, and inducing serotonin (the happy hormone).

Keep in mind that the above mentioned tips are only a few suggestions that will be beneficial to you and your family throughout this monsoon season. These suggestions are only helpful if you follow them correctly; otherwise, you risk succumbing to the monsoon and spending the rainy season bedridden rather than enjoying it.

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